Now in its fourth year, the 2020 Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Survey was our largest yet. Over 670 manufacturing companies responded state-wide. 这些公司代表超过128家,全民竞彩APP官网下载州700人中的000人,000制造业工人, and the respondents generally held very senior roles, with 75% indicating they were the Owner, 总统, 在管理层, or in other senior management roles. Also worth noting is that 93% of survey respondents were from companies with under 500 employees – and 88% were under $100 million in annual revenue – reflecting the fact that our state’s manufacturers are predominantly small- and medium-sized. 

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2019 began with economists suggesting a manufacturing recession. But in Northeast Ohio, manufacturers didn’t experience the slowdown that was projected. Revenues were up for nearly 60% of manufacturing companies. 尽管这种增长, it’s still a 10% drop over last year, when nearly 70% of companies reported the same growth. 相反, 19% of companies reported decreased revenues in 2019, which is nearly double what was for 2018. In order for companies to keep their growth goals, they are focusing on these top three priorities in 2020: Talent—retaining and developing current employees; sales—finding new customers and improving sales and marketing efforts; and efficiency—cutting overall operational costs.



In 2019, Northeast Ohio manufacturing companies grew their workforces (again). 48% of respondents said they grew their workforces 5% or more (vs 47% in 2018, 44% in 2017, 2016年为32%). Looking into 2020, 39% of companies expect to grow their workforces 5% or more. These companies report having over 5,总共有000个空缺职位, with the average respondent having 8.9 current job openings, significantly more than last year’s average of 6.3. As one would expect; however, these companies have limited HR support: 58% of companies under $15 million (or under 50 employees) have little or no in-house HR support.


Manufacturing accounts for half the total economy of Northeast Ohio. It’s a powerful growth engine we can ignite to transform our future. But this will only happen if we lead with innovation to become a hub for advanced manufacturing that can compete with the best in the world. And the good news is that 94% of companies in Northeast Ohio reported that they are actively innovating, and more than 50% reported that they launched a new product within the last year. This includes 60% of those surveyed report pulling new technology into the product, which is a smart investment since industry 4.0 technologies such as 物联网, Big Data, and Connected Machines are demanding this.



行业4.0 in manufacturing is changing virtually everything we make and how we make it. And it’s driven by disruptive technology: automation, cobots, 增强现实, 人工智能, 物联网, 3 d打印技术, 传感器, 这样的例子不胜枚举. 全民竞彩APP官网下载必须做出严峻的选择. We can either lead or be left behind. We firmly believe Northeast Ohio can lead in advanced manufacturing—but we must act now. But of those surveyed, adopting 行业4.0不是优先级. Only 21% anticipate using more 3 d打印技术 in 2020, only 10% are creating web-connected products, and only 7% are using robots effectively. This underscores the challenges that particularly small and medium-sized companies face when unravelling where to start in the enormously complex world of 行业4.0 – and the need for support to help them accelerate adoption.

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